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'I like the Navigator Weekly Commentary; it gets underneath the facts and figures of the preceding week.'

Dr. G.K. Hoffman, Belvidere, IL

No-Load Navigator subscriber since 2003

#1 Rated by Hulbert Financial Digest

img1 Model portfolios that beat the S&P 500.

Each of the Navigator Newsletters receives an "A" rating from Hulbert Financial Digest for its easy to follow, easy to implement format.

The Navigator`s proprietary rankings of the top no-load funds without a fee, in several areas such as growth, value, balanced, international, income, technology and other sectors.

Statistical analysis of the ranked funds presented in a clear, concise format.

Electronic newsletter available the minute that the data is compiled.

The Navigator Weekly Market Commentary available by e-mail and our web site and includes notification when changes are made to the models.
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